Video Segments of Dr. Donald Berwick from the Documentary Money Driven Medicine

The following video segments are from the documentary Money Driven
, produced by Alex Gibney, directed by Andy Fredericks and based on Maggie's book. They and are presented courtesy of the film's distributor California Newsreel (The player uses Adobe Flash Player available here)

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Is American Health Care the Best in the World?

There's Profit In that Bill

Supply Driven Care

Patients Make More Frugal Choices

Markets Mean Competition

It's a Spiral

A Lot of People are Hurt by Healthcare

Major Social Movements

Health Care is More about Love

All video segments of "Money Driven Medicine" are courtesy of California Newsreel

3 thoughts on “Video Segments of Dr. Donald Berwick from the Documentary Money Driven Medicine

  1. I am impressed with Dr.Berwick.He is the one we need to direct medical care. There are two kinds of doctor. 1- Physicians as Dr. Berwick, who want better medical for everyone and 2- entrepreneurs who happen to have an MD degree and are just interested in making money

  2. Howard–
    Thanks you– and welcome to the blog.
    You’re absolutely right. And one only has to listen to Berwick speak for about 10 minutes to recognize who he is.
    That’s why I put the clips up.

  3. Very interesting observations by Dr. Berwick in the video segment “Is American Health Care the Best in the World?” He referenced the same mortality information that I reference regarding what he emphatically states is not the best health care in the world. He refers to at least a dozen other countries; the exact number is eighteen other countries. The USA is 19th out of 19 countries. Here is more about preventable diseases, including that information.
    – Bob Haiducek